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Connected Maps : Search Salesforce Accounts, Contacts, Leads by Google Maps

What is Connected Maps

Connected Maps is simple third party Android application which provide to search Salesforce accounts, contacts, leads and theirs events of current day by Google Maps. You can also Check-In and Check-Out an event.

Download from Play Store 


  • Salesforce license
  • Activate the Data Integration Rules
  • Create Connected App in Salesforce

Activating the Data Integration Rules

The reference article of this steps is here

  1. Go to Setup page in Salesforce
  2. Type "Data Integration Rules" in Quick Find box and click "Data Integration Rules" link
  3. You will see 4 rules in "Data Integration Rules" page. Basically you can search for Accounts (Billing and Shipping), Contacts and Leads.
    1. Geocodes for Account Billing Address
    2. Geocodes for Account Shipping Address
    3. Geocodes for Contact Mailing Address
    4. Geocodes for Lead Address
  4. You can activate whichever you want to search. Just click one of them and click Activate button.
  5. You can verify whether geocodes were added to records. The article is here : https://help.salesforce.com/articleView?id=data_dot_com_clean_verify_that_geocode_information_was_added_to_records.htm&type=5

Creating Connected App in Salesforce

  1. Go to Setup page in Salesforce
  2. Type "App Manager" in Quick Find box and click "App Manager" link
  3. Click "New Connected App" at the top-right side of page
  4. Fill form with these values
    1. Connected App Name: Whatever you want, like "MySearchConnectedApp"
    2. API Name: Whatever you want, like "MySearchConnectedApp"
    3. Contact Email: whatever you want, like "support@yourdomain.com"
    4. Check "Enable OAuth Settings"
    5. Callback URL: "com.tirgil.connectedmaps://callback" without double quotes. This is very imported to work ConnectedMaps app.
    6. In AvailableOAuthScopes add these,
      - "Access your basic information" to get user basic info such as email, username etc
      - "Access and manage your data" to access data
      - "Perform requests on your behalf at any time (refresh_token, offline access)" to make connected app token valid until revoke so that only once we get token. Otherwise, every time we need to get token via web page. (if you want to select this after save the app then go to Manage Connected Apps > Edit our app > Edit Policies > select "Refresh token is valid until revoked" and IP Relaxation > Relax IP restrictions and save)
  5. Save and create the connected app.

Getting the Consumer Key (clientid) and Consumer Secret (clientsecret)

You need the Consumer Key (clientid) and Consumer Secret (clientsecret) values to use ConnectedMaps.
  1. Go to Setup page in Salesforce
  2. Type "App Manager" in Quick Find box and click "App Manager" link
  3. Find your connected app in the list and click the small down-arrow button at the end of the row and click View
  4. You will see the Consumer Key (clientid) and Consumer Secret (clientsecret) in here. Just "click to reveal" button to get Consumer Secret.



Language : You can select the app user interface language

ClientId: Also known Consumer Key. This is the value which you get from Salesforce. 

ClientSecret: Also known Consumer Secret. This is the value which you get from Salesforce. 

Search Fields: You can search 3 object by 4 fields. Search Accounts by Billing or Shipping addresses, Contacts by Mailing addresses, Leads by addresses. You have to activate Integration Data Rules to search these objects.

Main View

There are three tabs in main view. Map, List and Events. You can search objects by your current location or from any location. If there are some records after your search, they are shown in google maps by colored icons.
  • Account: Red Icon
  • Contact: Blue Icon
  • Lead: Green Icon
You will also see the number of object count that has same location over icons. When you click the icon you will see the objects.

In the List tab, you will see the list of objects.

In the Events tab, you will see the events of current day of searched objects.

Check-In and Check-Out

There are some rules for check-in. 
  • You can check-in only on current day events
  • You can only check-in one event at the same time
  • You can't check-in an event if you already check-in another event. You need to check-out first
When you search objects and find some of them. You can click the icon from map and then click any object (account, contact, lead). This will bring you to the object page and you can see all events of current day for this object that belongs to you.

You can also go to Events tab in the main view and see the events of the current day. 

To check-in an event, you can click the event. When you click the event, the event color will be green. The checked-in events are green. When you click the green event (checked-in event) then you check-out that event.

When you check-in, it updates the start time of event. 
When you check-out, it updates the end time of event.

If you want to clear checked-in event, if you don't want to check-out the event and you want to check-in another event, then you need to clear checked-in event. You can do that by clicking "Clear Check-In" button from the menu icon in the main window. 

You can also check-out an event by clicking the "Check-Out" button from the menu icon in the main window.